Looking Nowhere, Seeing Enlightenment

Language of Enlightenment

There is a myth in spiritual circles. It is that words cannot describe Enlightenment. I disagree. Yes, it is true that the Bliss of Self-Awareness is indescribable...and yet, we can still call it Bliss. I know from experience that language can be an aid towards experience. There is a language that is not quite poetry and not exactly prose, that I call an experiential language. Such a language facilitates spiritual experience, if or when it is effective. This kind of language is possible. The question is how to create it.

Words not only express sound, they also convey information and can carry energy. Language can be a force or a power for Enlightenment. The meaning is not as important as the experience that is imparted. An experiential language can be utilized for sharing experience or to guide one to a spiritual experience. A few key ideas, concepts or principles must be introduced into the intellect that help in turning awareness in a new direction - any new direction will do!

There is a path of defocusing that one can be guided along, a wayless way. But, then again, there is no path and there is no way. In truth, there is no forward, backward, inward or outward. The awareness you seek is the awareness that See's. Words are meant only to bring you to Self-Awareness. Once you reach this point, stay with the experience and forgo the wordy for the Wordless. Before resting, first you must leap.

Experiential Language

Language pushes you back to your Center. Words unweave your gaze. Formless is your Nature. The Essence is in Seeing. Stop looking, start Seeing. But, there is nothing to see. Unsee. Unlook. Uncork the champagne bottle. I assure you, Bliss is everywhere. Don't believe, disbelieve. Doubt your present awareness. Assume nothing. Conclude not. Knowing is achieved through Unknowing.

What you think you know about yourself is false. What you think you know about others is questionable. Do you really know whatever you think you know? How can you be sure? How can you test your knowledge against reality? How can you reality-check? What if everything you think that you know is wrong? If you want real answers, question all of it!

The only way to go forward is to go backward. There is no way in but out. There is no bottom or top. High, low, limit or bound are meaningless concepts based on inaccurate experience. Get to the bottom. Reach up to the top. Does experience begin here in this sphere of thought/emotion/sensation? Does it end here? Does awareness begin or end? If it begins, then let me find the beginning and if it ends let me find the end. Where is this limit or boundary to consciousness? If it is limited or bounded, let me find these limitations or boundaries of my consciousness. What am I waiting for? What if there is no limit to my consciousness? What if my consciousness is without boundary? If I know not my Self, what can I possibly know for sure?  

What is my experience? It is movement but...there is something else. There is something else going on. Some undefinable property that...has a name. Since, it is not moving and it is everywhere, it must be Still Space. What is this unseen, unknown, unsung aspect of my experience? It is always there. Why do I notice movements but not Stillness? What is Stillness? Bodies move and minds move, but what is still? Movement can never "just happen," it is always Happened. What moves the moving? Where does the moving move? Are you moving or still? Which are you? Still or moving, moving or Still? Is seeing moving or still?

Where are you? Are you here? Are you there? Locate yourself. Where is your center? Is there a center to you? If so, surely you can find it. Wouldn't you already be at center, if you had one? Where is center and what is it? If you cannot find your center, then how do you know that you exist? Do you exist? Prove it! Your body exists. Your thoughts exist. What I am asking is, do you exist? Can you find yourself? Can you locate your identity? What is at your center? Do you know? What is your existence?  

You cannot expand, you are already there. You cannot contract, you are already here. The Infinite is the Quintessential and the Absolute is the Ultimate. To not move is to Be and to Be is to Know. To Know is to See and to See is Happiness. Move but don't move. Don't move yet move. You are vast Space, without limit, beginning, end, boundary, definition, shape, form or patternNow, that you know what you are. Try to find your Self! You cannot hold what is everywhere. You cannot find what is nowhere. But, you can Look, you can Know and you can Find. To find something, you must look somewhere. Something is Awareness, somewhere is Space. Oneness is the way. Seeing is Oneness.

Light. Spiritual Light. Eternal Light. You are Light. Where there is Light, there is Self. Find your Light. Light sees Light. By Light you See Light. Through Light you Know Light. Your Nature is Light. Experience only happens through Light. Omniscience is the Light of Knowing that is everywhere. It is All-Knowing, not all-knowledge. Knowing and All-Ness are in Oneness. We think we know it all and we are right, we do. All is Known as One in Awareness. Essence is One, details are in forms. There is Light in You, through this Light, All Light is Seen.

All-Knowing is All-Presence. Omniscience is omnipresence. The power of everything is in the presence of everything. Omnipotence is All-Creative and All-Transcending. Power is unlimited by forms. Grace is Universal. The Light of Bliss is everything. God is Self in All. Presence is everywhere. Knowing is in everything. Power is creative potential. Space is ever-present, ever-knowing and ever-potent. Look deeply into Space. When you look into Space, you are seeing your Self. The Space of your Awareness includes all in a vast Oneness. See that if you dare. 

To See Self, Recline. See your Seeing. Know your Knowing. Be your Being. Rest your gaze. Let your gaze rest. Looking nowhere, Seeing everywhere. You need no more experiences. You have already seen it all. New experiences are old experiences. The Eternal Experience is the Ultimate Experience. Can you truly find your Self? Not really. Find your hand, your eye, your thought. Can you find what is not lost? Is your awareness of Self ever further than a slight shift? Stop looking for what you are, by looking at what you are. What is Seeing? What is Looking? What is Knowing? See Seeing. Look into Looking. Know Knowing. Awareness is Infinite in all directions, as is Space, Self, Oneness. There is no end to your Self.

Do you really want to see? You already See. Do you really want to know? You already Know. Whatever attracts you, look away. Then look inways. Become unconscious to whatever you are conscious of. Then become inconscious. Become unaware of what you are aware of. Then become inaware. Look somewhere, now See Everywhere. Look nowhere, See Enlightenment. 

You can never lose Consciousness; it is impossible. Try to lose Awareness; you gain it.

How far inward can you go?
How far outward can you go?
How far into the other can you go?

try it. see it for yourself. you must look. you must see. I just point!

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