What's so great about Enlightenment?

Spiritual Happiness

Almost everyone wants to be happy and most will choose happiness over suffering. There are a few who prefer suffering over happiness but they are the exception. Everyone knows what suffering is and how to do it, so there is no real need to discuss it. Happiness is the question. What is happiness? How is it achieved? What causes happiness to be experienced? Why?

Like love, happiness is an overused and misused word that most do not really understand through experience. In fact, love and happiness are the same experience, for to experience one is to experience the other. What is love? Happiness. What is happiness? Love.

Real happiness can be discussed to a point but the experience of happiness is indescribable. We can call it Light, Bliss, Oneness, Space or Love...but, these terms can never do it justice. The experience of Love or Happiness can be described to a degree but only up to a certain point. The ultimate happiness is like the ultimate high but without a low. No false high can compare to the True High. Every false high is momentary, temporary or fleeting and each carries its own costs. The True High of Happiness is permanent, abiding and unchanging.

Happiness may be described as a clear, luminous, crystalline, space of oneness that is blissfully-joyous, lovingly expansive and free, without obstacle, limitation or boundary in any direction.

The experience is without words. This happiness is always fresh and new. The nature of this happiness is the nature of your Self. Never coming, never going. Always and Forever. Endless Bliss. This is the only true or spiritual happiness.

How to be Happy

Happiness is the nature of your awareness. The way to understand and experience happiness or love is to understand and experience your own awareness. There are different ways to go about it but the principle is the same: defocus awareness. This is the shortcut to experiencing and understanding your awareness. It is as simple as it sounds because if you can focus, you can defocus. What you can focus upon can become a means to defocusing. Where you can focus can become a way to defocusing. In the nuttiest shell: defocusing is Bliss.

You can defocus through three main pathways: Awareness, Space or Oneness. Turning inward is defocusing through Awareness. Expanding outward is defocusing through Space. Entering into the other is defocusing through Oneness. Though, the practices may seem distinct the principle is the same. Any practice that defocuses awareness will bring one to the experience of happiness. By defocusing awareness one comes to an awareness of awareness or to Self-Awareness. This is the place of Bliss.

Other Ways to Describe this Bliss

You couldn't experience enough orgasms to compare with this innate and intrinsic happiness.

All of the laughter of your entire lifetime condensed into a single, pure mirth might give an indication of this joy.

A moment of this Bliss washes away decades of pain.

Every drug in the world rolled into a single substance and freed of all side effects or harmful consequences couldn't match this natural state of awareness.

A million dollars seems like so much confetti or monopoly money from this awareness of total bliss.

Even a Cadillac pales in comparison!

No experience, whether physical or psychic can equal, match or compare to the spiritual awareness of happiness.

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