Happiness is Uncaused

There is No Cause for Happiness

Happiness is without cause. There is nothing in this world that you can do to experience happiness. It is impossible to choose happiness through deciding to be happy or positive no matter what. There is no emotional experience that is comparable to real happiness. You cannot think enough positive thoughts that can equal or compare to true happiness. There is no object in your experience that can give you happiness. No person, place or thing can make you happy. You cannot look to others for happiness or to any accomplishment that is apart from your Self. There is no way, path or practice that will lead you to happiness. The only true happiness is uncaused. The ultimate happiness is eternal, without beginning or end.

You can create all that you want through focusing but you cannot find happiness through any focus. Happiness is experienced in an unfocused awareness. Not a single object in your experience possesses happiness and yet everything is bathed in Bliss. Happiness is objectless and is present everywhere. If you want to find happiness by looking for it, don't look someplace or somewhere, instead look no place and see everywhere. Awareness is pointless, without a point of reference or center. Happiness is never to be found in sensations, feelings or thoughts. Self is not sensation. Awareness is not thought. Oneness is not feeling. Before experience there is Bliss and after experience there is Bliss.

You can change everything in your environment, in your relationships and in your psyche but you will not find happiness through any change. Happiness is only intrinsic to the Changeless. What is constant in your experience? There is an element of constancy in every experience. What is it? Find it! Yes, improvement and betterment are possible through change but lasting happiness is impossible to achieve through any change. Happiness is your nature. Within your inmost, innate, inherent, intrinsic nature is where happiness always is. Bliss is your Being. There is no greater happiness or love than your own Awareness. This principle cannot truly be understood until it is experienced.

To find happiness, one must stop looking for it where it cannot be found. To experience bliss, one must stop looking in ways that focus awareness. Happiness cannot be found but it can be known, seen, recognized, discovered, realized, understood and experienced. How does one experience happiness? There is only One Happiness and there is only one way to experience it: shift from a focused awareness of objects to a defocused awareness that is objectless. Your existence is not object-based, it is Space-based. Your identity does not require objects to orient itself or for self-reference. Your Self does not require points of reference. Not focusing awareness is synonymous with seeing the unlimited, Infinite and Absolute nature of Awareness. Defocusing is Bliss.    

How does one defocus awareness? Try it with your eyes. First, focus your eyes on some object, now defocus them or make it fuzzy. Take your camera. Zoom in, then zoom out. With awareness, focusing is like zooming in and defocusing is like zooming out. Put on your glasses for seeing or reading. Now, take them off. Look through the lens of the telescope. Now, see the whole scene. Look at near objects as though they are far and far objects as though they are near. Get in your car and look out through your window. Now, get out of your car and look around. Talk on the phone. Then talk face to face. Go straight from point A to point B. Now, meander. Be a local. Now, become a tourist. Take your usual route. Then try a new path. Look at the top of the hill. Then go and look out from the top of the hill. Walk in a straight line. Now, walk in a circle. Walk forward to a wall, then walk backward to the other wall. Get as close to some object as you can. Now, get further and further away.

Through focusing there is the perception of proximity and through defocusing there is the perception of distance but there is only a change in perspective not in relative position. Usually, we change our experience through changing our relative position, so we exchange one group of objects of focus for another. The most immediate and direct means of orienting our experience towards happiness is through defocusing awareness. We are not changing relative position but we are changing our perspective from one of a focus upon objects to an awareness of awareness. This awareness of awareness is the only "cause" of or for happiness. Exchanging one object of focus for another is not going to bring us any closer to happiness. Awareness is position-less. The Bliss of Enlightenment can only be realized by freedom from all psychological positions through the defocusing of awareness. There is no psychological position that defines or describes who or what you are, as who and what you are is only Awareness.        


robbie1687 said...

You wrote, "Look no place and see everywhere."

What a great line!

Asokan Edakkadan said...

What ever said is Correct.
But it has got bit more depth.
Need pure heart mind to experience this uncaused happiness.
To get to there lot of effort is required. at the end it is effortless