Nine Ways to Defocus Awareness

The 9 Exercises in Defocusing

There are nine distinct approaches for defocusing awareness. The purpose of defocusing is Enlightenment experience. There are three ways to look at the defocusing of awareness: 1. as a single approach, 2. as three approaches, or 3. as nine approaches. Each way of looking at it is correct from a certain vantage point. Yes, there is only one way to experience Enlightenment and it is through defocusing awareness. There are also three main ways to go about this: through Awareness; through Space; through Oneness...and there are three ways to approach each of these pathways to Realization. This makes for the nine ways of defocusing awareness that follow:


1. Go Backward - Retreat into yourself. Step backward until you can go no further. Back away from everything. Back step into awareness. Retract into yourself. Withdraw into your shell. Drawback your awareness. Collapse awareness towards center. Recoil from the known. Pull back. Recede into awareness.         

2. Turn Inward - Reverse your gaze. Dive into awareness. Immerse awareness inwardly. Leap within. Turn awareness upon awareness. Jump inward. Go all the way inside yourself. Find your Center. Know your Center. Go deep within. Dig into yourself. Enter the inmost. Practice inwardness. Cultivate Inconsciousness. Develop Inawareness. Look inward. See within.   

3. Drop Everything - Hold onto nothing. Just drop everything. Surrender all. Give up everything. Leave everything behind. Break away from everything. Take nothing with you. Drop your body like it is a corpse. Drop your mind like a hot potato. Relinquish every burden. Loose every bond. Don't even think of looking back. Give everything away. 


1. Expand Outward - Grow your awareness into everything. Pour awareness into space. Open awareness outward in all directions. Expand the circle or sphere of your awareness in every direction. Radiate awareness everywhere. Extend awareness to the East, to the West, to the North, to the South, Heavenward and Earthward. Open awareness to include all and everything.    

2. Fill Space - Fill your body with awareness. Fill your psyche with awareness. Fill your room with awareness. Fill space with awareness. Fill the sky with awareness. Fill every experience with awareness. Fill every object with awareness. Fill everything with awareness. Fill all directions with awareness. 

3. Let Go - Set yourself down. Let everything just fall away. Float in space. Rest freely. Release all cares. Open wide; become wide-open. Yield everything. Resist nothing. Melt into space. Fall into love. Allowing whatever. Welcoming all. Softening awareness. Embracing experience. Submerge into being. Sink into awareness. Swimming in relaxed focus. Receiving all. Letting everything go.


1. Merge With - Enter completely into the other. Penetrate to the center of objects. Come together in Unity. Get inside of what you see. Perceive form, within Essence. See only one object. Experience only Oneness. Find the Origin or Source of the other. Blend with everything. See yourself in everyone. Get beneath appearances.     

2. Go Between - Move into the space between self and other. Find the One between the two. Fill the gap between subject and object. Experience the space of Oneness. Find the Center of everything. Get into the middle of every experience. See what connects self and other. Perceive the field containing subject and object. Get to the bottom of relationship.      

3. Get Behind - Step outside of yourself. Get behind yourself. Stand back from yourself. Step away from yourself. Get beside yourself. Watch yourself from a distance. See yourself from up and away. Hide in the background. See the Whole picture. Watch the Whole show. Take the highest and furthest vantage point. Know prior to experience. Know what is before experiencing.  

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