How To Realize Enlightenment

A Summary of the Most Salient Practical Principles of this Blog

In modern spiritual circles there seems to be a recurring question, concern or theme regarding Self-Realization or Enlightenment. What I have observed, heard or read over and over again is something along the following lines, "yes...I know what Enlightenment is but how do you experience it," "what is the method for Self-Realization," or "what must I do to become Enlightened." Each of these questions is valid and all such queries need to be addressed in a serious manner and in a considerate fashion. Those "teachers" who are unable to and/or who cannot or will not answer such questions need to discontinue spiritual teaching. The purpose of this entire blog has been to address, explore and answer precisely these questions. 

I will state it simply and directly: Yes, there is a methodology for
Self-Realization/Enlightenment that can be described simply and clearly that anyone can practice achieving consistent results. All that is required is proper understanding and correct application. It is possible in some rare cases for "psychic energy" blockages and/or "kundalini" experiences to create problems but in most cases I doubt that this is a real factor or consideration. In this post I will summarize all of the key points that are necessary to understand and all of the methods that one can practice to understand and to experience Self-Realization/Enlightenment.

Basic Principles

1. Self-Realization is achieved through a process of coming to an awareness of Awareness.

2. Enlightenment is Realized as Awareness is displaced away from the physical body and removed outside of the human psyche.

3. The displacement of awareness from the physical body and psyche is accomplished through a defocusing of awareness.

4. Awareness may be in two distinct states: Focused or Unfocused.

5. Focused awareness includes objects, whether psychological or sensory and results in the creation and maintenance of specific, localized psychological positions.

6. Unfocused awareness is objectless being synonymous with the Enlightened or the Awakened state of Awareness.

7. Defocused awareness is a transitional awareness that brings awareness from a state of Focused awareness to one of Unfocused Objectless Awareness.

Defocusing Awareness

1. There are three ways of defocusing awareness: through Awareness; through Space; through Oneness.

2. There are nine methods for defocusing awareness: Going Backward; Turning Inward; Dropping Everything; Expanding Outward; Filling Space; Letting Go; Merging With; Going Between; Getting Behind.

3. Defocusing awareness through Awareness is practiced by the methods of Going Backward, Turning Inward and Dropping Everything.

4. Defocusing awareness through Space is practiced with the methods of Expanding Outward, Filling Space and Letting Go.

5. Defocusing awareness through Oneness is practiced by the methods of Merging With, Going Between and Getting Behind.

6. The aim or goal for all methods of defocusing awareness is Unfocused Objectless Awareness.

7. There is only one way to realize Enlightenment/Self-Realization and it is through the defocusing of awareness.


1. Going Backward - An awareness that is focusing is "going forward" and an awareness that is defocusing is going backward. To go backward in awareness is akin to moving or stepping away from your body or your mind with your awareness. One can almost think of it as pushing one's awareness backward or inwardly behind one's back. Awareness is Infinite, so it is possible to move awareness Infinitely Inward or Infinitely Backward. The end that is reached is both Final and it is Endless, Total and Infinite. Continue going backward with awareness.

2. Turning Inward - A focused awareness is "turned outward" and a defocused awareness is inward turned. This approach is like going backward but one is doing more than that as one is turning awareness 180 degrees. You are pushing, pulling or driving your awareness completely internally toward your Absolute Center. You must push all the way through to the "end." Turn your focus from your periphery to your Center. Disregard all pathways but the inward, internal and interior. Go into your Awareness.

3. Dropping Everything - This is complete, utter, total, surrender. It is releasing everything and holding Nothing. It is being left only with the Emptiness that fills Everything. You are dropping your body and your mind for Light and for Bliss. Losing nothing to gain everything. Don't pick and choose, just drop the entirety of your life, body, energy, psyche, everything without consideration or discrimination. You are holding an empty point in Space, just let it go! You cannot grasp, nor can you hold onto a small or even a vast volume of Space. Drop everything but Space Itself.

4. Expanding Outward - Your awareness is unlimited in all directions. Your body does not limit or define your awareness. Your psyche does not circumscribe your awareness. Your awareness is already everywhere, you just need to expand it a little to perceive this Fact. Expand your awareness in whatever direction you like, this is not an OBE, it is the natural state of Awareness. If you can see it, you already are it! Spread your awareness out into everything. Whenever and wherever your body moves, open your awareness omni-directionally. Reach out into Space with your awareness continually.

5. Filling Space - You fill all of Space or rather you are Space. Extend your awareness to fill the room your body is in or the location where your body is moving. Fill Space with Awareness. You will find that Space is Awareness and that Awareness is Space. Touch every point with your awareness. Awareness is Infinite, thus it can Infinitely Expand within Itself. If you can fill Space with awareness, you will see that Awareness is the Space of Everything. Continuously pour awareness into everything.

6. Letting Go - You are holding onto Space and Energy, one Still and the other Moving, you can grasp neither. Clench your fist and try to hold Space in your hand. Tense your body and try to stop energy from flowing. This is what most beings are doing with their own awareness, trying to hold onto a form of energy flowing through Space or grasping some point in Space and saying this is "me" or that is "mine." Space holds everything, including every hand. Let Space go and let Energy flow. Energy will not stop for an instant. Space is not an object. Energy is not an object. So, what are you holding onto? You are trying to do the impossible, to hold that which is formless and to grasp air. Let it go...let it go...let it go...

7. Merging With - Separation is misperception. Entering into the "other" and "becoming One" is the correction. Enter into the Oneness. Physical "oneness" or psychic "oneness" is not Spiritual Oneness. Get beneath or behind the forms of others to see the formless Essence that Unifies. Look into the Center of "others." You will see that there is only One Self, if you look in the right way. Look through "others" and see into "them." Find Who and What lies beneath All. Oneness is a Reality, a Fact, not a state, condition or experience. Get outside of your "self" and into the "other." There is only One between Us.

8. Going Between - A Space is perceived between objects. Bring awareness into the Space between objects or "self" and "other." Enter into, fill or experience the Space between every object. There is something between Everything and it is Oneness. Get outside of "self" and into this Space. All of your True Self lies outside of your "self." Go between. Get into the Space that is all around your body. Explore the "gap" between objects by filling it with awareness. In Space lies Enlightenment. In Oneness lies Love. In Awareness lies Bliss. Get between forms, behind experiences and beyond energies.

9. Getting Behind - The point of Enlightenment is reached when one gets beneath, behind, before and beyond the objects of Awareness. Step outside, drop beneath, get below, stand behind. Awareness is beyond forms. Your psyche is an aperture and your body is a lens. Awareness lies behind both body and mind. Your awareness is without aperture and without lens. Awareness does not need to focus in order to see but it must be defocused in order to be seen. Get behind the point where "focusing" or "consciousness" occurs to the Open Space of Infinite Awareness that is Oneness and Love. Happiness is not in the body or in the psyche, as it is the nature of the Spiritual.


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are you still around, teaching, talking, etc..?

dhopper said...

Almost seems too simple. Just dropping everything. Stay as nothing until it dawns on "you" that you are this nothing?