Enlightenment is NOT a Panacea!

I felt the need to write this post due to something that I have encountered on many occasions and thus have thought about for some time. It is the notion that Enlightenment is the answer or the solution to all problems. I DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS PERSPECTIVE! It is a view that is not only naive but that is the purest form of wishful thinking.

I want to share two points that sum up what I am getting at:

1. Enlightenment is not a solution for ALL problems.

2. Enlightenment is not necessarily something that everyone can or will realize.

These two FACTS leave us with two conclusions:

1. That we must create distinct solutions for EACH of our collective challenges.

2. That we must formulate non-religious paths, systems or ethical/moral codes based on the principle of mutual respect.

We cannot solve scientific or technological questions through meditation but rather through research and development. We cannot solve social, economic or political problems through prayer but rather through collaborative creation that is results-oriented. We cannot solve psychological problems through mere talk-therapy but rather through complete healing systems that address the roots of the issue. We cannot expect Enlightenment to solve our problems! We must work together to solve our individual and our collective problems.

We cannot beg the wealthy, the politician's or the religious for solutions to the problems THAT THEY CREATED! We are the solution. We must utilize the Internet and the whole range of technological possibilities to improve the lives of all beings on this Earth. There is a solution for every problem but NOT a single solution for EVERY problem. We must approach ALL of our challenges with a fresh mind-set that is open to creative solutions that are arrived at through global collaboration. Guess what! We have the technology available to do this today and it is what we are utilizing right now, i.e., the Internet.

Here are the steps:

1. Avail yourself of the best information that is accessible through the Internet.

2. Contribute your best ideas, knowledge or insights to the Internet through blogs, videos, forums or whatever.

3. Communicate with individuals or groups who share your interests, concerns and/or your particular emphasis.

4. Assess the whole range of issues, problems or challenges.

5. Pick one problem.

6. Collaborate with others to create real solutions for that one specific problem.

7. Form groups that are local and/or that are global to get the intended or desired results.


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